Extend The Life Of Your BMW With Proper Care

No one likes to have problems on the road or stuck in traffic. If you take your car in to a BMW automotive repair shop for regular preventive maintenance, those issues can be very rare. Having items checked like brakes, gaskets and even your cooling system can prevent costly repairs in the future. Your car is like your child. You always take you child to the doctor for his well-baby check-up.

BMW’s are truly special cars and the individuals who own them are very particular. Allowing an inexperienced mechanic or technician to service a Beemer can do more harm than good. Although well-intentioned, this novice may not be educated in the intricacies of some foreign engines and in particular BMW automotive repair. Indeed, a car repair shop may advertise that it services foreign cars, but it is wise to ask about the education and experience of the individual who is to service your BMW.

For generations men (and women) have worked on their American cars in their driveways on the weekends. A BMW is not a do-it-yourself type of project. If all you need is a scheduled or half-interval oil service, the details are not the same as on a Ford pick-up or Chevy Impala. A qualified BMW automotive repair specialist will know the difference.

So many owners have taken their cars into repair shops only to be told ‘it could be this’ or ‘it could be that.’ Hundreds or thousands of dollars later the auto is not repaired and it turns out that the initial work was not needed because it was something as simple as a sensor. When you take your car to a BMW automotive repair specialist, the shop will have special diagnostics and computers that are made exclusively for these models. Once hooked up to your system the exact problem is pinpointed. There is no guesswork.

Just imagine the expense if a well-meaning technician told you that you needed a new transmission and your BMW warranty had expired. If you are not at a specialized BMW auto repair shop, thank the technician and tell him you will think about it. Like going to the doctor’s office and he suggests you have your gall bladder removed, you want a second opinion.

Take it to a shop that specializes in BMW’s and let them tell you what the problem is. It could be that you do not need a new transmission at all; you just need to replace a sensor or part. But if it turns out you do need to replace the transmission, you will be assured that the BMW automotive repair specialist will have gone through extensive education and training and your repair will be the quality you need.

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